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Web cameras (secure)


Secure Log-in

Use this secure link to view a webcam image of your child at play.

View cameras

IE11 users - click HERE and follow the instructions if you are having difficulty viewing the cameras.

Iphone/Android users - click the links below for instructions to view the cameras from your mobile device.

The camera viewing apps can use a large amount of data so watch your data usage closely!


We have adequate bandwidth for parents to log-in and check their child's progress at BOHRN TO ACHIEVE. However, if hundreds of different connections are opened at the same time, the system won't work. Please check-in often, then close your connection. Please don't give your username and password to anyone that is not authorized to view our kids. Parent's and Grandparents are welcome! We reserve the right to reset your account name and password at any time.

Only families of children currently enrolled at BOHRN TO ACHIEVE are authorized to access our cameras.

Technical assistance

When you have enrolled your child at BOHRN TO ACHIEVE, you will be given a confidential set of instructions for viewing the webcams. If you are having trouble, please ask for help! We can step you through this. You will need to be running on a high-speed network and have Internet Explorer to be compatible with the security software. It will not work using other browsers (i.e. FireFox) and will not work on a Mac or the Windows Vista operating system.


View your child at play.
  • Grandparents can even watch from afar!
  • Forgot your password? (call us and ask)
  • Need help? Contact us.

Please help us keep our facility secure!

  • Don't share your password with anyone other than close family members
  • Webcam viewing is to check on the status of your child and is not for pre-sales - please recommend that an acquaintance call for a tour if they want to see our facility
  • If you are aware of anyone snooping or being nosy; in other words using the webcams for the wrong reasons, please let us know



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